Select the subbed set you want to book, select a date and see availability.

The reservation is valid throughout the day, from 9 in the morning until 8 in the evening.

Your arrival must be by two (14:00pm) on the day of booking, after which it is automatically canceled.

The User acknowledges that in case of non-arrival at the beach within the above schedule he is charged with the total amount he has paid for the reservation, while he is not entitled to request replacement of the reservation he lost with another without re-charge.

Reservation cancellations are accepted 24 hours before the reservation date.

** If you want to book more than one set of sunbeds you must follow the booking and adding to cart option for each set you want to book. Then you pay for all the reservations you have added to the cart, you do not need to make a different purchase for each set separately.

** The price of the reservation includes an additional charge.

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